Science Communication

“A Flooded Future”

As part of Nadia’s dissertation work, she interviewed 40 residents across Miami-Dade County to understand how flooding and sea level rise issues are currently affecting residents and whether or not people are considering leaving Miami as a result. In other words, is climate migration occurring Miami?

To communicate some of the results from the interviews, Farrah and Nadia developed a StoryMap that details the experiences and opinions of these 40 residents as they discuss the impacts of flooding, future investments, gentrification, affordable housing and more! Big takeaways– flooding from rainfall is impacting residents all across the county now, and 75% of residents expressed that they will consider moving if sea level rise and flooding worsens overtime. Check out the StoryMap here!

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Nadia believes in the power of social media to engage with diverse audiences globally on issues of climate change, sea level rise, and the impacts on our changing planet. Her most widely shared post reached over 25,000 people! Her posts often feature shots from her favorite hikes or from a rollerblading session!


In addition to practicing #scicomm through Instagram, Nadia along with co-chair Jessica Rodriguez organized the first ComSciCon Miami workshop on October 5, 2019 at the Miami Beach Urban Studios! With funding from Florida International University and the National Science Policy Network, 30 STEM graduate students from the South Florida region were selected to engage with and learn from national and local science communication professionals through a series of panels, breakouts, and interactive sessions. Of these 30 graduate students, twenty-four participants identified as female (cis or trans), and one-third of the participants identified as a member of a racially or ethnically underrepresented group. ComSciCon MIA 2019 was the first of its kind in Miami and the State of Florida to bring a highly desired training opportunity to STEM graduate students. Since then, ComSciCon Miami was repeated again in 2020, and a third conference will take place later this year!

Agenda from ComSciCon 2019 featured here and pictures from the event below!