Ph.D. Research

Nadia’s PhD research focuses on understanding the ways in which sea level rise may prompt migration, and how migration may result in varying climate mobilities for residents in coastal communities. Sea level rise presents dynamic risks that will change over time and extend beyond the coastline. Understanding how these risks manifest over time in combination with historic/current societal vulnerabilities can lead to more equitable climate adaptation decision-making. This research combines geo-spatial analysis, resident interviews, survey-data collection as well as co-production with community members and decision-makers to produce actionable knowledge for future climate risk management and adaptation pathway development.

Funding provided by: NSF DDRI Award #2049887.

M.S. Research

Nadia’s M.S. research focused on quantifying the value of Everglades Restoration for environmental decision making. This study quantified WTP values up to $2B over 10 years for the restoration of species within the Everglades, like the American Alligator (pictured to the left). This research was part of the multi-year, multi-institutional South Florida Water, Sustainability, and Climate Project.

Featured in: The Miami Herald and FIU News

Funding provided by: NSF Grant No. EAR-1204762

Undergraduate Research

Nadia completed an Honor’s Thesis at Fordham University as a joint venture between the Psychology and Environmental Studies department. The thesis examined perceived differences between use of the terms “Global Climate Change” and “Global Warming.” This work was supervised by Dr. Edward Van Buren and by David Budescu.

Funding provided by: NSF Grant SES 1125879,