All the Times We Didn’t Listen

It has taken me a long time to work up the courage to post this. And even now as I'm writing this, I understand the anxiety that accompanies revealing a project that you love to the world. But it seems fitting to finally post this as Hurricane Dorian makes its way towards us in Florida, [...]

Plastic. It’s everywhere.

It's in our oceans. In our soil. And in our air. Photo courtesy of Will Greene- @williamegreene It washes up on our beaches, and if it's not picked up, it can very well end up right back in the ocean. In Miami, beach clean-ups happen on the regular. In April, some of my students and [...]

A different type of Engineer- the Gopher Tortoise

Happy Gopher Tortoise Day!! On April 10th, the state of Florida officially celebrates its only native tortoise- the Gopher Tortoise. Gopher Tortoises are both federally and state listed as threatened species in Florida. The gopher tortoise featured below, also known as 21, calls the Pine Rocklands within Zoo Miami on the Richmond Tract home. In [...]

A Moral Call to Action

Last week, I had the privilege of attending the Climate Reality Leadership Project conference in Atlanta, GA. The Climate Reality Project was founded by Former Vice President Al Gore in 2006, after he released An Inconvenient Truth, as a way to train individuals to speak about climate change within their communities. Since then over 19,000 [...]

A day in a Forest… in Miami?

We all know Miami for its beaches.... but did you know that Miami also has forests?! To be fair, if you didn't know that, it's probably because there isn't much forest left. The Pine Rockland forests are a critically endangered ecosystem in Miami. Only about 2% of the original forest extent remains in South Florida. [...]